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How I Stopped Thinking About Drinking (and not drinking) and Started Loving My Life.

In Wholly Sober, you will join me on a fast track account of my life with alcohol. Starting with my first hangover at just five years old. I share some of the most heartbreaking and darkest times of my life and move onto challenging common held beliefs and theories around drinking challenges.

The book is divided into three parts:

The Storm – All the perfect makings of a broken individual needing to escape.
Fog – Knowing something needs to change, but cannot fathom how even to start.
Pink Clouds – HOPE (Having Other Possibilities to Explore) and so much more.

Against the odds, I didn’t struggle with sobriety but learned to understand and live sober differently. I call it Wholly Sober–focusing on life, not alcohol.

Not everyone who struggles with alcohol is alcoholic, and there’s more than one way to live sober.


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Teresa Rodden is Author of Wholly Sober, Founder, and Owner of Pink Cloud Coaching, creator of 28 Day Resolve, and has developed several woman based groups and organizations that recognize the unique needs and challenges of women. She’s passionate about helping women identify their personal power to break the need to misuse alcohol–robbing women of their one and only precious life experience.

Using Wholly Sober as a way to share her expertise and teach women, this maverick launched and grew her passion and focus on a platform from personal life experiences. The proof of her work is her life–living over fourteen years Wholly Sober. She finds great joy in helping others overcome their challenges with her revolutionary approach. A fervent believer that there are more than two boxes Normal and Alcoholic on the drinking continuum. Boxes are meant for things, not people. She didn’t fit in either box and through the years found neither do many.

Teresa is at the forefront of recognizing and serving women who are In-Between Normal and Alcoholic.


Be firm with your goals and flexible in the way you pursue them. 

How I stopped thinking about not drinking and started loving my life.

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