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28 Day Alcohol Resolve

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Moderation or Abstinence?

Get the most out of living sober!

Take Charge of Your Relationship with Alcohol

28 Day Sober Resolve to Take Charge of Your Relationship with Alcohol.

This is the first step and quite possibly the only step you’ll need.

Let’s address your greatest concern – your relationship with alcohol.

These 28 days are designed to give you space and permission to

E X H A L E.  Maybe for the first time in a long time.

You may feel overwhelmed and a sense of helplessness. Many women I work with have done a lot of exploring on their own before arriving here.  They’ve become very informed about alcoholism.

Pink Cloud Coaching does not diagnose and is not a treatment for alcoholism.  This is not recovery. This is for women who are misusing alcohol and want to learn to Take Charge before alcohol takes over their life. 

Our work is to help bring clarity and awareness around you, as a whole, and your relationship with alcohol.

During this four week process, we will become great explorers and examiners.  I promise to hold sacred space for you to feel safe. Our work is completely confidential.  I am bound by a code of ethics as a Certified Coach and decent human being.

Your 28-day journey will help you understand your relationship with alcohol and enable you to move forward with confidence.

You are not required to quit drinking.  It’s your choice. Always!

True sobriety is not about abstinence, but about living life with a clear mind, an open heart, and defined intention.  Sometimes moderation works, sometimes abstinence is best, for the time being, or a lifetime.

Moderation or Abstinence is a decision you will be able to make through the deep rich wisdom we pull from our work together.

Before the healing can begin, you must start where you are – not where you want to be.  The healing happens in the process.

What To Expect

(4) Forty Five-Minute Coach Sessions

  • All sessions are done by phone or computer
  • (4) 45-minute coach sessions
  • Laser email and text support
  • Weekly proven fact-finding assessments
  • Solid plan to move forward with confidence

It's about the Woman - Her Life as a Whole - Not the Alcohol.

*All sessions are done by phone or computer. Full discretion and confidentiality – always!

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I'm Here For You

Are you concerned with your drinking? You don’t have to hit rock bottom to take charge of your relationship with alcohol.

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