The following are frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email me the question and I’ll get back to you.

What is Pink Cloud Coaching?

Pink Cloud Coaching is an unconventional approach to helping women break free from the need to misuse alcohol.

I have found through years of coaching, study, and my personal experience there is a wide-continuum of alcohol use. There is more than just Normal/Social drinking and Alcoholic drinking.  And just because you can check off a list of behaviors – does not make you an alcoholic.

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Who is Pink Cloud Coaching for?

Pink Cloud Coaching is for the woman who is misusing alcohol and breaking promises to herself. She can make conscious choices and chooses not to drink and drive or other actions that could bring harm to herself or others. Aside from the excessive drinking. She probably feels trapped or stuck in life and has become aware of how she’s leaning on alcohol.

Do you need to be an alcoholic to work with Pink Cloud Coaching?

Absolutely not. I have been supporting women in health, wellness, and personal growth for over a decade.  I am passionate about helping women become empowered to TAKE CHARGE of their life.

I have a great respect for the continuum of drinking rather than trying to fit every woman in a box.  Not everyone who has a problem with drinking is an alcoholic.  Historically, you fit in one of two categories: Non-alcoholic or Alcoholic.  It’s just not that black and white. In fact, I would say there’s a lot of pink in-between.

Pink Cloud Coaching does not label, diagnose, or treat any disease or condition, including alcoholism. The work is focused on life coaching and sober strategies.

Do you teach the 12 steps?

No, I do not.  But I’m not opposed if you work them and would like to incorporate them into our work together.

I have developed a program that came from the pages of my own journal, personal experience. Add to that studies in yoga, neural science, life coaching, epigenetics, years of working with women, and more. I have refined and mastered a process that offers women freedom. It’s rooted in and supported by science-based research rather than opinion driven programs.

How is Pink Cloud Coaching different than Alcoholics Anonymous

I don’t see nor encourage labeling yourself as an alcoholic and I don’t believe you are powerless. The focus is on the woman and her life as a whole, not just the alcohol. I have found alcohol is not the problem  I believe you are powerful and able to live free of the constant obsession with alcohol. It’s personal. It’s individual. It’s private.


It’s an opportunity for us to see if and how we might work together to help you break free from your need to misuse alcohol. If I think I can help I will explain how and then we can move forward or not. It’s really just a casual and candid conversation between two women who have the same goal…help you release the struggle.

Will I be pressured into buying coach sessions?

Nope. Coaching doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to be willing and interested in making your life better. If you’re pushed into buying coaching it’s probably not going to be effective. Nobody wins.

How much does it cost?

There are many options available. I have worked with women on a single session as needed and I have worked with women for over a year with consistent accountability, planning, and growth. The latter is for women who have really come to understand they want much more from life and we move them toward their goals. For more information, view Life Coaching Services & Pricing.