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I have always been a bit averse to memberships because I’ve found most memberships are focused on a common goal of abstinence.

Instead, I think it would be much more valuable to focus on creating a life you don’t want to miss!

But Teresa, I have a good life. Yes, I know you do. But what if life became so amazing that you couldn’t wait to get out of bed in the morning and start your day? How do you think you would handle drinking then?

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I plan to launch a membership very soon and wanted to share a little of what you could expect.

  • Meeting in person via zoom twice a month. You can share as much about yourself as in profile picture, real name, and location, or little as you feel comfortable with.

  • Meeting online private chatroom on the weeks, we don’t meet on zoom but connect and chat with other members.

  • Weekly assignments to help train your focus on what matters most.

  • Guest speakers (professionals on self-healing/self-care).

  • Book of the month study (books about personal development and strategies for success).

  • Challenges building courage, confidence, and conviction in creating a life you don’t want to miss and becoming the woman of your dreams.

What we won’t do is measure your success by whether you drink or not. That’s managing the problem, not creating a solution.

Oh, and the space will be limited so I can spend time with each of you.

Let me know if you’re interested.

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Join now and I’ll send you a link for a special event on 9/21/2021.

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