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Let’s explore sober freedom.

After working together, you will put down the bottle and go after life with clarity and confidence – leave no life unlived.

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My Name is Teresa.

I’m so glad you’re here! Women worldwide work with me to help them break the habit of misusing alcohol and, more importantly, regain a sense of self. Building a foundation on fact, not fiction, help women move forward with curiosity, courage, and conviction making peace with alcohol while exploring dreams of their future.

My formal experience is practicing what I teach for over eighteen years. I am a certified and trained whole person design coach through Coach Training World and coaching professionally since 2008. The women I work with are therapists, doctors, lawyers, global executives, and household VIP’s. I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have forgotten their magic, and I’d love for you to be my next success story.

Oregon is my home. I was born and raised in Portland. I love the moon and the Halloween season starts the day after the 4th of July. Even though I love Halloween, I don’t like gore–this has been a common misunderstanding.

I have one grandson that is my moon and stars. I am the mother of two amazing sons, two cats, and a dog, Maggy Moo.

Magic makes life interesting and inspires me to be open to miracles, and I’ve never met a twinkle light I didn’t love.

Teresa Rodden is the author of Wholly Sober – How I stopped thinking about drinking and started loving my life, The Primed Drinker, and most recently published the 28 Day Journal – Explore.

With only a handful of months in Alcoholics Anonymous, she left the rooms of AA convinced if alcohol remained the focus of her life, she would inevitably end up drunk again.

Some call her a rebel and others a pioneer.

Rodden founded Pink Cloud Coaching in 2012 after witnessing many of the friends she had met in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous continue to struggle with alcohol, ending up in prison, and some even died.

Remaining sober had never been a struggle for her, and she knew she had to share what she had learned to be so effective in living wholly sober. Spoiler alert — it’s not about the alcohol.

Feel More Confident In Just 28 Days

I was beating myself up for overindulging in alcoholic drinks at weekends which was also creeping into weekdays. I couldn’t seem to get a grip on changing my habits and was worried about the effects my habits had on both my mental and physical health. I wasn’t an alcoholic, but I had a level of concern about my drinking. In just 28 days, I feel way more confident in making healthier choices and drinking within healthy guidelines. Thank you, Teresa, your coaching has already had a huge and beneficial impact on my life and my wellbeing!”

Kathy S.


“I contacted Teresa at Pink Cloud Coaching because my increasing alcohol dependency had me worried. Teresa helped me by teaching me how to truly get in touch with my emotions. She helped me to figure out what I really wanted. I currently have such a better understanding of my needs and values. The ending result is that I now have numerous alternative coping skills (instead of alcohol) to choose from when dealing with uncomfortable emotions, feelings, or thoughts. One thing I particularly liked was how comfortable Teresa made me feel.Throughout the entire process, Teresa was so calming, sweet, non-judgmental, understanding and easy to talk to. I found the entire experience extremely helpful and eye opening to say the least. I now have the tools necessary, to navigate my days confidently, without alcohol.”

Kathy S.

It took a year for me nerve-up to call her

My experience with Teresa was one of the best I’ve had with a professional coach, psychologist, guide and what ended up feeling like a friend.

In no way was Teresa confrontational and in every way was supportive, encouraging and in each and every assessment call, she welcomed my true self (even if I wasn’t sure what that was), and left the door open for me to look a little deeper and differently at what was playing out in my life….Truth is, talking about my relationship with alcohol wasn’t easy  – it took a year for me nerve-up to call her – but we ended up talking less about alcohol and more about what was behind the relationship that I have with it.

Teresa campaigned my finding /exploring the fullest version of a good and joyous life that I could, the biggest challenge I face.  Turns out my challenges are not rooted in alcohol but rather my choices/perceptions.    I experienced such freedom and relief in talking to someone that didn’t label me as “alcoholic” and insist or refer to the oft-associated disease model we all know.

My deepest gratitude to a level headed, heart centered person; thank you, Teresa.”



From my heart to yours

Popular doesn’t equate to right or good. In fact, it could cause more harm than help. Read on to learn what makes Pink Cloud Coaching so different.

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